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Welcome to minilops.info, a site dedicated to our lovable minature rabbit friends. For those of you that don't know Mini lop rabbits are a particular breed of rabbits that have a maximum weight of 1.6kg.  The term “Lop” when associated with rabbits describes the ears, which are long in length and hang low either side of the rabbits head, often touching the ground.

Mini lops are some of the cutest of the lop breed. Learn how to look after a mini lop properly

We ususally associate rabbit fur as being super soft and cuddly and miniature lop rabbits are no different! They are equiped with dense, soft coats that keep them warm in the winter time. Needless to say most rabbits prefer the cold weather to that of the hot. Because of their floppy ears, mini lop rabbits are often thought to have poor hearing but this is defiently not the case! Interestingly lop rabbits are born with their ears upright but then eventually soften and fall to their sides as they grow older.

Mini lops are available in a number of different colours, each as cute as the next, so you can even customize your new cuddly friend to suit your favourite colour combinations.

If you are looking for more information on how you can look after your Mini Lop rabbit then feel free to browse around our website. We hope to have something for anyone interested in rabbits whether you are new to the animals or if you are a seasoned carrot sharer we hope you can gain something from our little site!


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