Holland Lop

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The Holland Lop happens to be among the most popular breed of rabbit. True to its name this breed originated in the Netherlands in the early 1960's when the Netherlands Dwarf was crossed with the French Lop. The Holland Lop is often called the Netherlands Dwarf Lop however this term is not recognized nor accepted as valid by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

These rabbits vary in size but they can fall anywhere between 2 to 4 pounds although upon visual inspection they would look much heavier. This is because Holland Lops are bred to appear stocky but in all truth their weights are in complete contrast to their appearance. Once you pick up the rabbit you will see for yourself how light they really are.

Identifying A Holland Lop

This breed of Lops is so distinct that once you know what to look for they will be easily identifiable. Like most bunnies they have the adorable floppy ears but for the Holland Lop they will be short and wide. Other distinctive features of this breed are the prominent crown on its head (the crown is the area between the ears)broad shoulders, deep chests and short thick legs. The bodies of these rabbits should be only about twice as large as the heads in contrast to other rabbits where the bodies are sometimes three to four times larger.

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Colors attributed to Holland Lops vary and according to the color guide published by the ARBA standards there are now over twenty colors for the breed. Ranging from tortoise shell, broken tortoise shell, black, broken black, blue /grey, broken orange the colors are endless. Their eyes tend to be either blue eyed white or ruby eyed white.


One association has coined a slogan “The Hallmark Breed” for Holland because of their sweet and lovable nature. Due to their unique features and calm and friendly nature they make good family pets and are extremely popular as show animals. They love being the center of attention and so they thrive on any care that is lavished on them by adoring owners.

Holland Lops is an excellent choice for pets. They are calm, unassuming and gentle. Although many owners believe that rabbits must be reared indoors they can thrive outdoors as well with proper housing to protect them from the elements. With some minor considerations you can properly care for your rabbit and find in him a lovable friend.


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