Holland Lop Bunnies

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Many Holland Lop bunnies are reared outside by their pet owners for a number of reasons. If you want to purchase a rabbit for show or as a pet it is possible to successfully raise your bunny outdoors if you take the precautions to keep him safe and comfortable. Once the hutch is set up maintenance is important but it does not take too much time to do. Check the hutch regularly for damage and holes which will make it easy for the lop to get out or for predators to get in. Below are three things you can do to ensure the health, happiness and safety or your Holland Lop bunnies.

Purchase the right hutch to begin with

Good maintenance begins with a good hutch. Make sure that the hutch you purchase is already fully secure and made from quality materials that are difficult for the rabbit to destroy with its teeth. The hutch should have weather proofing from the rain, sun and cold. If it does not come with weather proofing you will have to do it on your own by using the appropriate sealants and other materials. Once you have the hutch you need to carefully consider its location. Place it in a sheltered area away from the direct sun or cold winds.

Holland Lop Bunnies

Keep the hutch clean

Your Holland Lop bunnies need a clean environment to thrive. Use a wire brush to remove hair and waste from the cage. This combination of hair and waste can cling to the wires of the cage and cause it to rust so remove it as often as you can. Spray the hutch at least once monthly to lift urine stains which can wreak havoc on the cage. Cleaning the cage daily to remove food and waste will delay damage and will keep your rabbit free from infestation by pests.

Preventative maintenance is important

Give your hutch a thorough once over every month or two to spot any potential problems before they occur. Taking the time to spot and repair minor problems will save a lot on costs and more importantly will ensure that your Holland Lop bunnies are safe and secure. Check the latches on the doors to make sure that they are still intact. For wooded hutches you need to check for loose or exposed nails which can cause injury to the rabbit. Use the appropriate chemicals to prevent rotting, mildew and damage by termites if you have a wooden hutch. Any chemicals you use should be safe to use for your pets.

By purchasing the right hutch to begin with and with a proper routine of cleaning and preventative maintenance your hutch will last as much as five years. More than that your Holland Lop bunnies will be safe, secure and protected from the harsh elements that could arrive at a moment’s notice.


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