Holland Lop Bunny

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The Holland Lop Bunny came about when Adriann DeCock undertook a series of experiments between the breeding of French Lops with Netherland Dwarfs and later on with an English Lop. At the end of this series of breeding DeCock in 1955 had his first Holland Lops weighing 4.5-6 lbs and about ten years later after a few more breeding he had them down to 4lbs.

Today a Holland Lop bunny will weigh between 2-4.5 lbs and are bred for pet shows or to be used as pets. If you plan to purchase this breed for pet shows here are some things to look for when purchasing:

Overall Appearance: The Holland Lop bunny must be free from disease. Inspect the ears, mouth, genitals and nose carefully before you purchase. The head should be thick and wide and a good proportion to the body (usually two times smaller than the body). Your bunny should also have a well-defined crown, thick and short legs and a coat of dense glossy fur which will snap back slowly into place if you brush it in an opposite direction. The color of eyes and nails should match the color of the fur.

Holland Lop Bunny

Weight: Your Holland Lop bunny should be less than 4lbs. Make sure that the bunny you purchase is small, compact but light. If you plan to purchase a doe for breeding then it is acceptable to get a larger doe since the resulting litter will be thicker with stronger bones.

Pedigree: Your show rabbit must have good pedigree. The breeder should be able to provide you with the history of the line so you can check for inbreeding. While there could be some inbreeding between mothers and sons or fathers and daughters your rabbit should never be the result of breeding between siblings since it could lead to defects and health issues.

Price: Expect a Holland Lop bunny to cost you more than most other breeds of rabbits since they can be difficult to raise and breed.

Purchasing A Holland Bunny As A Pet

Holland Lop bunnies make wonderful pets with their lovable and gentle personalities. They are very active, love attention and if you get the rabbit while it is still very young you can raise it to be very sociable. The bucks are more loving and friendly than the does while the does are a little less active. They won’t take up too much space and the short coats are easy to care for and won’t shed too much on your furniture.


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