Holland Lop Information

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With their gentle and lovable personalities your Holland Lop will need a secure home, food and some attention to stay happy and healthy. If you are looking for a pet rabbit to bring home your best bet would be to search for breeders close to where you live and skip the pet store altogether if you can. Never buy a rabbit that you have not personally seen and when you visit the breeder take an opportunity to hold your rabbit and ask questions so that you know what you’re getting. A sociable rabbit will welcome your attention, non-sociable rabbits would run to the back of the hutch.

Holland Lops are curious and playful by nature and so they make excellent family pets. Show them a little bit of attention and they will be your loyal friends for life. They are part of a dwarf breed and commonly weigh in between 2-4 lbs. They are compact but lightweight and can easily gain excess fat if you overfeed them. Be careful with the type of feed that you purchase for the lop since some brands contain more carbohydrates and fat than the rabbit really need. You will also need to be mindful of the amount of feed that you give to your rabbit.

holland lop information

Holland Lops do not fare well in extremely hot environments. If you are rearing your rabbit outdoors you should place frozen water bottles in the cage so that they can keep cool by lying against them when it gets hot. They can tolerate cold temperatures if you ensure that the hutch is properly sealed and as long as you place warm bedding in the cage.

It is easy to train your rabbit to use the litter box. Just move it to the corner that the Holland Lop spends the most time and it a couple of days he should be using the litter. Never use cat litter since the dust contained in the litter can lead to intestinal blockage and dehydration.

Do not over feed your rabbit! Some hay in the morning and night and a few tablespoons of carrots or lettuce will be all that it needs. Sweets are a no-no and although it is common knowledge that rabbits love lettuce limit the feedings to 2-3 per week since the high water content in lettuce can cause diarrhea and death in some rabbits.

Holland Lops can be very active so you should ensure that he or she gets a lot of exercise. Usually a couple of hours of free time in a large enclosed area will be all that he needs daily. Your pet needs lots of love and attention. Take a few minutes out of your day to show him how much you care. If you are rearing the rabbit indoors you will need to rabbit proof your home to keep him away from dangerous falling objects, from the staircase, poisonous substances and from any objects that they might chew on including your electrical cords.


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