Holland Lop Rabbit

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As a family pet there is no better choice than the Holland Lop rabbit. The popularity of these rabbits as family pets has risen with good reason. This bred is friendly, lovable, inquisitive, loves attention and they are easy to care for. With their soft and huggable appearance it’s no wonder that children and their parents alike find them so irresistible.

Often referred to as the Netherland Dwarf Lop they should never be confused with the Netherland Dwarf rabbit which is another breed completely that does not have the lop ears. The Holland Lop can live for up to 10 years with proper care and so far it seems that those that are reared indoors can outlive rabbits are that reared outdoors. It is important that you keep your new pet safe from harsh weather and other dangers around the home including large aggressive dogs or cats. Some other things that you can do to keep your lop safe are:

Ensure that your lop is properly fed

It is important to feed your rabbits on time and to give him the right type of foods but do not overfeed. This is a small breed and feeding too much can lead to obesity. You can give hay freely but meals of pellets, vegetables and high sugar fruits should be given in the right proportions. Your rabbit will love nibbling on carrots but limit the servings to 1-2 tablespoons per day.

holland lop rabbit

Inspect teeth regularly

The small heads of Holland Lop rabbits can lead to them having problems with their teeth. Your pet’s failure to chew or eat meals could be an indication that something is wrong with the teeth. Before this happens check the teeth often and if something does come up take the rabbit to the vet immediately.

Give your lop enough room for activity

Don’t be fooled into thinking that since your Holland Lop rabbit is small that he does not need much space. These rabbits are usually a lot more active than their larger counterparts so the space that you allocate to your lop should be at least 4-5 times its size.

Protect your lop from harsh weather

Rabbits are easily affected by the changes in the weather. This is especially true for smaller rabbits like the Holland Lops. Make sure that your rabbit has a place to stay cool in the summer and keep warm in the winter.


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