Holland Lops: Good For Kids Good For You

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If you’ve been thinking about getting a rabbit as pet for your home Holland Lops is a breed that you should consider. Rabbits look sweet and adorable from the outside but not all breeds are that way. Any rabbit that you bring into your home should be gentle, friendly and certainly one that will not chew and damage your chairs or other things in your home.

Holland Lops are popular because of their small, light frames and gentle lovable natures. They love attention which is good if you have small children in your home. Some rabbit breeds are skittish and do not like the attention, traits that make them a no-no as pets. For small rabbits the Holland Lops are loaded with personality. They are very energetic and so you should give your rabbit enough room to be active. Ideally the cage or hutch should be at least 4-5 times the size of the rabbit and if you plan to keep the rabbit indoors you should let him out once daily to run and do all the fun things that rabbits like to do.

holland lops

Holland Lops love to snuggle and so they would curl up next your feet of place their heads on your lap as you lavish attention on them. You rabbit will also be very possessive of you or your kids and even of their toys and food dishes so be careful if you have other rabbits in the home since they each would try to stake their claim.

Holland Lops are small and very light, much lighter than they look. This makes them a popular choice for homes with smaller children. In order to have a rabbit that is friendly and welcoming of younger kids you should get the rabbit when it is young so that it will be socialized to people from an early age. Older rabbits that have not been socialized tend not to change from their skittish and evasive natures.

While the pet store might seem to be a good option for purchasing your Holland Lops if you want to avoid mixed breeds or need answers to a lot of questions about the breed you should purchase from an experienced breeder who will be able to provide you with lots of information on caring for your rabbit.

To maintain your sanity and get a rabbit that will fit into your home with small children I highly recommend that you consider Holland Lops.


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