Keeping a Mini Lop

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If you’re thinking about keeping a Mini Lop here are some government regulations and care guidelines that should be considered when keeping a pet rabbit in Australia.

NSW — More than one pet rabbit requires a licence. The licence is free.
VIC — Up to 30 pet rabbits are allowed without a licence. 
QLD — Rabbits are banned as pets. 
ACT — There are no regulations at the moment although there is currently an investigation into keeping domestic pets. Call the Environment ACT helpline for updates (see number below)
TAS — Up to 10 rabbits are permitted without a licence.
NT — Call the Parks and Wildlife Commission to find out if you are in a declared pest area.
SA — The floor space of a rabbit hutch must not exceed four square metres. Rabbits are not encouraged as pets.
WA — A maximum of two pet rabbits are allowed.



Mini lops vary in price from state to state. Expect to pay from $30 for a pet up to $90 for a show quality rabbit. However, I have found that buying Mini lops from a breeder rather than a pet shop can be much cheaper in price and provide the benefit of viewing the rabbits pervious living conditions and up brining. The Trading post can be a good place to look for private rabbit sales in your local area and rabbit hutches and enclosures at a fraction of pet shop prices.


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