Miniature lop rabbits

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Miniature lop rabbits make great companions when you take care of them properly. They are naturally fun loving animals, but if you don’t treat them right, they have a tendency to become aggressive. So if you want to raise a happy and fun loving pet, you have to give him the care he needs. Let me show you how to raise a miniature lop rabbit the right way.

First of all, you have to understand that miniature lops tend to be very independent. There are quite similar to cats in that way. While you may be tempted to play with them every time you have the chance to, they may show hostility if they don’t want to play, especially for males.

If you want your male miniature lop to be more docile, it is recommended that you have it neutered before he reaches his first year. This way, he’ll become less aggressive towards you and will be safer for your children if you have any.

Like most lop eared rabbits, miniature lops should be fed high grade pellets, grass and hay, more especially timothy hay. Timothy hay is very high in fiber and fiber is essential if you want to keep your rabbit’s digestive system healthy. If you feed your rabbit the wrong type of food, he might get severe diarrhea.

mini lops

Rabbits clean themselves like cats do, so you won’t need to bathe them too often, but it’s a good idea to give them a good bath once in a while. Rabbits tend to be very feisty when you bathe them, so be ready for that. After you’ve given your rabbit its bath, make sure that you dry him thoroughly and clean his ears with a q-tip to remove any excess ear wax.

It’s very important to keep your bunny active if you don’t want him to become overweight. It’s also very important that you stay on the lookout for any kind of predator when your bunny is playing outside. The ideal size for a mature mini lop is between 4½ to 6½ pounds. Anything higher than that would be dangerous and unhealthy.

Make sure that you give your mini lop the attention it deserves, or he might become lonely and aggressive. Also make sure to keep his cage clean since rabbit urine as a very strong odor. Make sure that you clean its cage everyday if you don’t want the urine smell too become too overwhelming.

Mini lops demand special attention and care, so make sure that you follow the advice given in this article if you want your bunny to have a happy and long life.


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