Mini Lop Bunnies

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Mini Lop Rabbits have a very playful yet laid back temperament making them an ideal pet. However, Mini lop rabbits require proper care and attention as they love to show off and be noticed. If you are not able to provide your Mini lop with the attention and care it requires then you shouldn’t get one. Mini Lops have a tendency to act out if they are not cared for properly, they do this by kicking their feet or nipping and biting.  Mini lops love to pet petted and played with and like all rabbits are very curious and can get into mischief when left without supervision. The Mini lop were developed with the intention of creating a rabbit which was easy to handle and hardy enough to withstand handling and cuddling from children. However; it is also very important that children learn how to handle Mini lops correctly to ensure a happy and long life for your Mini lop.


Mini Lop Handling

Never lift any rabbit by the ears or by the scruff of its neck, this can harm your rabbit.

The best way to handle your mini lop it to place one hand under its front legs placing your other hand under your rabbits bottom and lift holding it firmly, making sure you support your rabbits body so it feels safe and secure. It is very important to handle your rabbit correctly, as rabbits have very powerful back legs and are even able to break their own backs when kicking or struggling. A rabbit held firmly should feel secure and not wriggle. Never allow children to grab a rabbit, run with it or rough it up. It is important to teach children to handle rabbits correctly to ensure your rabbit is happy and safe.


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