Mini Lop Rabbit

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Mini Lops

Mini lop rabbits are a small rabbit breed with a maximum weight of 1.6 kg.  The term “Lop” is characterised by the ears of these rabbits which are long in length and hang low either side of the rabbits head, touching the ground. Mini lop rabbits have soft, dense coats and droopy, floppy ears. (Both Lop rabbits and mini lops are born with upright ears which gradually soften and droop as they age.) Although their ears are floppy unlike other rabbit breeds this doesn’t impair their hearing at all. Mini lop rabbits are available in a wide range of colours



The history of the Miniature Lop originated in the Netherlands during the last 1940’s when visionary Adrian de Cook had the idea of creating a miniaturised version of the large rabbit breed the French Lop. The Mini lop breed was originally developed from the cross mating of the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, the English Lop & the French Lop.

After years of perfecting the combination of the three rabbit breeds in 1964 the Mini lop breed was accepted and standardized by the Dutch. In 1970 and then again in the 1990’s Mini lops were imported to the UK and then were later introduced into Australia in 1998 from breeders in New Zealand. The Mini lop breed is now one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world.


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