Mini Lop Rabbits

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The mini lop breed of rabbit is fast becoming one of the most popular breeds of rabbit around the world! Seen in rabbit shows throughout the USA mini lop rabbits were actually discovered in 1972 in a rabbit show in Essen Germany where they were known as “Klein Widder”. This name was changed in 1974 to “Mini Lop” to make the breed more appealing to the public.

Mini Lop Personality

Even though mini lops weigh at most 1.6kg they are actually classified as a medium rabbit, at least in terms of show rabbits. The term lop is characterized by their long ears that hang so low they touch the ground. These droopy ears really match the playful and friendly demeanor of mini lops, they will generally crave some attention and really love being with their family. If they feel neglected they will let you know! Mini Lop Rabbits are also very intelligent rabbits, they can be taught a variety of tricks and commands and they can even be litter box trained which makes them ideal inside rabbits (providing you can stop them nibbling things).

Mini lops have a very easy going temperament and they mingle well with other pets such as guinea pigs providing they are introduced properly. Mini lops were originally bred to be easy to handle and sturdy enough to be handled (and cuddled) by children so they are great pets for our own little animals too.

mini lop rabbits

Mini Lop Grooming and Maintenance

Mini lops will require a brush about once a week. When they are young they will have baby fur which will be shed as they enter adult hood. Brushing your mini lop when he or she is molting is important as ingesting too much fur can actually harm a mini lop. Mini lops don’t require a lot of exercise but you must be careful not to over feed them. You can give your rabbit half to ¾ of a cup of pellets per day along with some fresh vegetables, check out our mini lop diet page for more info on what you should feed your rabbit.

Mini lop lifespan

The average mini lop life span is around 6 to 9 years however with proper diet and living conditions they can live as long as 12 to 18 years (pretty rare)! If you want to learn more about how to look after your mini lop then be sure to check out Mini Lop Care page for mini lop health information.


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