Mini Lop Toilet Training

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Mini Lops like all rabbits are very intelligent and are able to be litter trained. Litter training your rabbit can make your experience of your house pet much more enjoyable and easy to care for.

When litter training your Mini lop the first things you will need are lots of patients and positive reinforcements consisting of praise and treats.

Step 1. – Rabbit Cage

Rabbit Cage: Even if your Mini lop is house pet your rabbit will still need a cage, especially to make the toilet training process a simpler procedure.

Step 2.- Using a litter tray

To start teaching your Mini lop how to use their litter tray, place the tray inside their cage in the area in which they have chosen to defecate.  Once your rabbit has gotten the idea that the tray is where they’re supposed to do their business they will begin to use it consistently.

Reward your rabbit with treats and praise when they correctly use their litter tray and repeat this process to ensure your rabbit of its correct behaviour.

*Note: even if you only have one Mini lop it can be a good idea to have more than one litter tray as rabbits tend to spend a large amount of time in their litter tray.


The type of litter you use for your Mini lop is also very important. Your rabbit will without doubt nibble on their litter so it’s important make sure that whatever you're using in the box won't be harmful to your rabbit.

Stay clear of types of litter that aren’t suitable for rabbits, such as kinds that are dusty, as these may give your rabbit respiratory problems, or clumping types of litter commonly used for cats as your rabbit may try to eat these which may become lodged in their digestive system and be harmful for your Mini lop.

My suggestion is to line your rabbit’s litter tray with newspaper and then place a few handfuls of hay or straw on top to keep your rabbits urine away from their feet.

*Note: Despite litter training your Mini lop will still leave small amounts of waste around their litter tray, this does not mean that your rabbit as become untrained nor is untrainable; this is merely a display of normal rabbit behaviour and your rabbit marking the territory as their own.


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