Mini Lop Training

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It is important to handle your bunny every day, or as frequently as possible. By daily handling you are able to ensure that your Mini lop remains gentle and placid. It is important to give your Mini lop plenty of attention. They love to jump around, show off and be noticed. However, not many Mini lops do not like to be picked up. Mini lops, like people have different moods and temperaments. If you sit on the floor and your Mini lop hops onto your lap that is a good indicator that they are in the mood for company.

Bonding with your Mini Lop

When introducing yourself to new Mini lop it is important to act calmly and quietly. I feel the best process for bonding with your Mini lop is to sit quietly with your Mini lop in an enclosed area, and wait for your rabbit to approach you. Mini lops, like all rabbits are very curious by nature. If you show your rabbit that you are not a threat and spend time with them they will feel comfortable and approach you happily. Food rewards can also help build interest and trust with your Mini lop.


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