Dwarf Rabbits Life Span

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The average lifespan of a Dwarf rabbit is very similar to the normal household rabbit i.e 7 to 10 years. However, under proper and specialized care the dwarf rabbits may go on to live upto 13 years. Dwarf rabbits during their lifespan are faced with many common diseases and disorders. Overgrown teeth, lice and flies are some of the common diseases that dwarf rabbits face. At times these diseases may prove fatal to the rabbit and hence must be prevented. The dwarf rabbits should also be regularly taken to the vet to check for dental and digestive illnesses. If a rabbit is spayed or neutered early in life, its life expectancy tends to increase to 13-14 years.

Dwarf rabbits are not very good in adapting to changing weather conditions. They are prone to gastro-intestinal disorders such as GI stasis, matted coat, hairball obstructions and some respiratory diseases. These diseases are the most common in dwarf rabbits and must be checked for regularly. Some other uncommon health concerns amongst dwarf rabbits are pasteurella, ear mites, fractured limbs or backs and urinary bladder stones. Any change in diet or litter box must be hence, regularly monitored and when noticed should be reported to the rabbit vet.

Dwarf rabbits are also very tender and fragile creatures and get scared very easily. Dwarf rabbits may die of heart attack at the sight of predator or may fall or drop after getting scared which will make them break their limbs or back. The rabbits therefore must be always supervised or kept indoors.

dwarf rabbits life span


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