What do wild rabbits eat?

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These days if someone thinks about a rabbit there is a good chance they think of a cute fluffy little thing hiding in a nice warm hutch! Whilst this is true let's not forget about all of the rabbits in the wild! Despite our list of what do rabbits eat it just isn't feasible for the average wild hare to jump in the car and go down to the local pet store to purchase some high fiber pellets or timothy hay! So what do wild rabbits eat? To answer this question we need to take a quick look at the habitat of the wild rabbit.

Wild rabbits can usually be found in grassland and meadows. Because of this they love to eat dandelion and all sorts of wild plants. In particular wild rabbits eat flowers, wild grasses, weeds, vegetables, herbs and even wood! Wild rabbits are very good at detecting what they should and shouldn't eat themselves which means they have quite a varied diet.

what do wild rabbits eat

Wild rabbits can also enjoy the same sort of diet that a domesticated one can! That means all kinds of vegetables, fruits (on occasion), hay, plenty of grass and if you give them a chance they will clear out your veggie garden! I have heard a few stories of people finding wild rabbits in their back yards (munching on their gardens) and then taking them in as house rabbits. This can end badly for all concerned as wild rabbits can be quite aggressive when caged and are likely to challenge any domesticated rabbits you may have! Leave them in the wild where they belong and enjoy your house bunny instead.


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