What Not To Feed Rabbits

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Whilst it is really important to feed your rabbit the right foods it is almost more important to not feed your rabbits the wrong things! Unfortunately rabbits are a bit like little children, they don't know what foods are bad for them and they will eat lollies and sweets until the cows come home! The problem is rabbits actually have very delicate and sensitive digestive systems that mean you have to keep the sweets to an absolute minimum!

As a general rule of thumb make sure your rabbit stays clear of the following foods:

What Not To Feed Rabbits

  • High carbohydrate foods such as chocolate, bread, potato's and/or potato peals or pasta's.
  • Lettuce - This one may come as a shock to some people but with the exception of a few types of lettuce you should steer clear completely. Lettuce causes diarrhea for your rabbit and cause a buildup of gas (which rabbits can’t expel) which may even kill your rabbit. Clovers also have this same effect on our fluffy friends so steer clear of these when your bunny is in the garden!
  • If you let your rabbit roam free in the garden then make sure they don’t eat any of the following flowers: Bulbs such as Tulips, Poppies,  Arum Lilies, Deadly Nightshade, Daffodils, Jasmines,  Ivy, Foxglove,  Delphiniums, Honeysuckle, Hemlock, Primulas, Bluebells, Fairy Primrose, Snowdrops, Buttercups, Anemonies, Iris, Larkspur and Dahlia.
  • Some other things your rabbit should steer clear of include mown/cut grass and mice or hamster pellets. Too much fruit or vegetable can also be bad for your rabbit as they can be difficult to digest in large quantities.


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